Heading Off Another Kind of Brexit!


A funny story for you. I purchased this sweater in Harrod’s in London in the late 1970’s after an all-night flight from New York. I don’t remember what the exact exchange rate was at the time, but it was about two US Dollars to the English Pound. The sweater was 250 English Pounds so I divided by two and I thought, “Great, what a bargain; only $125!” So I bought two. A month later when we got the Harrod’s bill, we discovered that each sweater had cost $500! So much for trusting your brain to do the higher math after not sleeping! It took us a few months to pay them off, but, as you can see, they were indeed a bargain!

Reweaving a piece of personal history is always special to us. What a great story and a good example of buying the best quality you can. After 40 + years, our client’s sweaters are still with him. We’re glad we could help save a little bit of London!

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