Planning for the Season’s End

Just a quick reminder to dry clean your woolens and knitwear before putting it away for the warmer months. And, if you’re planning to store your garments in a cedar chest, don’t forget to give the wood a light sanding to reactivate the oils.

If you’ve got damage that needs reweaving, do it now so it’s ready to go when the mercury drops again! (May we humbly suggest Reweaving of Richmond?)

Happy (almost) Spring.

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  1. Cherise Miller says:

    I sent three cashmere sweaters to be rewoven. This place did a superb job, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Also, the customer service provided by the gentleman I spoke with by telephone was exceptional. I also want to thank the employees who did the work on my sweaters. They are very talented. Thank you so much for the excellent service, and I’ll try to keep the “bugs” out of my sweaters from now on.

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