The Little Reweaving Shop

We all thought we were done with our “near-miss” of a winter, but then that cold snap hit and we finally dug some sweaters out of the closet. Were you greeted, as many of our clients were, with a moth hole or two?


Almost as frustrating as trying to find someone who can repair the damage. Reweaving and mending is a dying art and finding a company that specializes in French reweaving, overweaving of garments, and mending of knitwear can seem next to impossible. We used to have Dot at The Little Mending Shop. But that closed in 2005. Enter Reweaving of Richmond, serving clients locally and nationwide.

Just a gentle reminder, clothes should be mended and cleaned before being stored for the season. If your favorite sweater, pair of trousers or sportcoat has lost a battle with the devious little worms, please give us a call (804.928.7946). Reweaving of Richmond repairs knit sweaters, trousers, coats, and hats.

Wouldn’t Dot be proud of your thriftiness?

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