What Is Reweaving?

Reweaving of Richmond specializes in the art of garment repair. Each artisan has a minimum of 20 years of experience.

This is not “mending” in which the edges of a tear are stitched together to minimize the damage, there are two types of reweaving.

French or “invisible” reweaving is best for tears and holes up to 1/8″ in diameter, no larger. Using this method, individual threads are replaced and are woven back into the garment. It sounds simple. Like tying your own flies for fishing… . French reweaving almost always results in a near invisible repair.

Overweaving or “inweaving” is done by means of a small patch, taken from a hidden part of the garment (an inside seam for instance), being woven into the garment — thread by thread — to reduce the visibility of the damage. Still, the results are a far cry from traditional mending methods.

The level of detectability (and, naturally, the price), are impacted by a lot of variables. The reweaver must consider the color, finish and pattern of the cloth, the extent of the damage and the amount of excess fabric needed to fashion patches, just to name a few. Glen plaids, stripes, worsteds, flannels, tweeds are all fixable. Black cloth, incidentally, is the most difficult to work with.

In normal cases, you may expect your repaired garment to be returned to you in two weeks. The minimum pricing for repair is usually $59 for wools and wovens, $30 for sweaters.

In Richmond you may drop off your damaged clothing at George’s Alteration Shop 1344 Gaskins Road Richmond, VA 23233 or here at the address listed on the sidebar. We also ship, if you’re out of town send us the garment.

An example of our work.

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