No! Thank You

Thank You

It is rare that a business gets a hand-written thank you. We at Reweaving sincerely appreciate your business.

I couldn’t believe it! Couldn’t even tell (if I didn’t already know) where it had been rewoven. Amazing!

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Never Can Say Goodbye….


SuitReweaveBefore (1)

It’s hard to say goodbye to a brilliant suit. One that you’ve come to depend on time and time again. One you spent good money for and that has a lot of life left!

Especially since it was nothing more than a ferocious gaggle of moth larvae that did the damage.

Well, that’s what Reweaving of Richmond undoes! Yes, we do sweaters. And sport coats, and trousers and scarves and woolen beanies and cashmere socks and anything else that moths eat.

We left the safety pins in for you to “see” where the damage from above once was.

SuitReweaveAfter (1)


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We do sweaters!

“I just want to highly recommend Reweaving of Richmond! Last fall, I sent them 7 sweaters that needed all states of repair. They were returned in perfect condition! They saved 7 cashmere sweaters, for less than I could buy one! Mine were all solids of varying colors, but I cannot see the where the holes were in a single one of them!
Thanks to Larry and his team!” -Gloria Miller

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Once Bitten… Don’t be Shy. Send It to Reweaving of Richmond.

Dog bite- beforeWe’d like to think that Fido was going after a pesky moth before it could lay eggs in this garment… Dog bite, not something we’ve dealt with before.

under the hood

But through a little bit of magic on the inside…

317 After

We think that Fido is once again man’s best friend… Another quick save by Reweaving of Richmond.

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We’d Show a Photo, But We couldn’t Find it Either…


Don’t know whom of you repaired my sweater. Received it in today’s mail and am very pleased.

Repair is completely invisible. Have a camel hair topcoat with moth damage on a sleeve that I’ll send next.

Thank you,
Richard Snead
Clinton, TN

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Some Things Are Just Too Special

TooRareWhere would you begin to find something like this these days? Certainly the well-groomed slopes deserve a Welgrume sweater.


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Don’t Get Out As Much?



Save those special garments, like this genuine Crombie coat. They’re more than just memories, they are a piece of you. And how often do you get to the U.K. these days?

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Oh Darn!

72 before

A favorite sweater and a well-meaning mother-in-law who darned it without even asking. Not a bad fix, but not invisible. All done with the best of intentions.

It happens alot. Because reweavers and re-menders are getting as scarce as hen’s teeth. Not everyone can do this labor-intensive, eye-straining, artful saving of your clothing.

Fortunately, you’ve found Reweaving of  Richmond.

72 after

Sweaters and knitwear are something of a specialty for us. Call today. It’s getting chilly.

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St. John Knits Saved!

St  John

Save your good stuff. By that we mean wear it! Reweaving of Richmond will help if you need those moth holes repaired…. We’d show you where the damage was, but we can’t find it.

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Saving Our History with Rewewaving

Jacobs and Levy


Another one of the grand old stores of yore. When they say “they just don’t make ’em like that anymore,” it’s time to save that piece instead of consigning it to the discard pile of history.

After all, every garment tells a story. Let Reweaving of Richmond help find a new audience for yours.

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