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Sweater Weather and the Natural Enemy of Wool: Moths

What a lovely, cool, brisk, and bright day we’re having in Central Virginia. So lovely that I chose to wear one of my favorite sweaters for the first time this season. Which is when I discovered one of two holes … Continue reading

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A Little Reweaving Shop in Richmond

That cold snap hit didn’t it? And we finally dug some sweaters out of the closet. Were you greeted, as many of our clients were, with a moth hole or two? Frustrating… Almost as frustrating as trying to find someone … Continue reading

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What Is Reweaving?

Reweaving of Richmond specializes in the art of garment repair. Each artisan has a minimum of 20 years of experience. This is not “mending” in which the edges of a tear are stitched together to minimize the damage, there are … Continue reading

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