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Planning for the Season’s End

Just a quick reminder to dry clean your woolens and knitwear before putting it away for the warmer months. And, if you’re planning to store your garments in a cedar chest, don’t forget to give the wood a light sanding … Continue reading

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It’s Time

While your Fall and Winter garments have rested, the moths and carpet beetles have been busy. It’s Time: Inspect your sweaters for the upcoming season; Move the fall and winter weight wools, cashmeres, tweeds, and camel hair (you get the idea) … Continue reading

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Wallet, Watch… Reweaving

It happens to the best of us. Your wallet wears a hole in your back pocket, or you catch your watch on your trouser pocket once too often. Moths aren’t responsible for all the damage we repair at Reweaving of … Continue reading

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Sweater Weather and the Natural Enemy of Wool: Moths

What a lovely, cool, brisk, and bright day we’re having in Central Virginia. So lovely that I chose to wear one of my favorite sweaters for the first time this season. Which is when I discovered one of two holes … Continue reading

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Never Can Say Goodbye….

  It’s hard to say goodbye to a brilliant suit. One that you’ve come to depend on time and time again. One you spent good money for and that has a lot of life left! Especially since it was nothing … Continue reading

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Once Bitten… Don’t be Shy. Send It to Reweaving of Richmond.

We’d like to think that Fido was going after a pesky moth before it could lay eggs in this garment… Dog bite, not something we’ve dealt with before. But through a little bit of magic on the inside… We think … Continue reading

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Some Things Are Just Too Special

Where would you begin to find something like this these days? Certainly the well-groomed slopes deserve a Welgrume sweater.  

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Don’t Get Out As Much?

  Save those special garments, like this genuine Crombie coat. They’re more than just memories, they are a piece of you. And how often do you get to the U.K. these days?

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St. John Knits Saved!

Save your good stuff. By that we mean wear it! Reweaving of Richmond will help if you need those moth holes repaired…. We’d show you where the damage was, but we can’t find it.

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