We’re Reeling at Reweaving of Richmond!

Whew! Sorry for the delay in posting anything new, but the season hit us with a lot of work.

So for those of you asking, yes, we’re here, we’re working and staying COVID compliant, and doing our level best to get your beautifully rewoven garments back to you in the most timely manner possible.

But seriously, look at that pile of boxes! I guess the moths were quarantining, too.

As a quick reminder, the form to fill out and include with your garments is found in the right sidebar of the Reweaving of Richmond website (right over… there….>>>>)

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An Ike to Like, Again!

Her grandfather’s WWII Ike jacket was lying in the bottom of a trunk in her attic. While it was being aired out, the dog apparently didn’t like Ike as much. Or maybe more? At any rate, he had a bit of a chew and got into the sleeve head.

We at Reweaving of Richmond are proud to report that the jacket has been restored to its former glory, even under the (new) 7th Infantry patch.

Beneath that mask, she’s smiling. Thanks for trusting us with such a meaningful part of your family’s history.

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It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

At Reweaving of Richmond we receive clothes for reweaving daily from all the major mail carriers — USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. It looks like a lot of you are spring cleaning!

This is a great time to send us your damaged sport coats, trousers, sweaters, suits, and scarves before you pack them up for the warmer weather.

If you’re socially distancing these days, here’s a handy link to the United States Postal Services instructions for ordering packaging and scheduling a pick up by your local mail carrier. Or feel free to drop off your garments at one of our pick-up locations in Richmond, VA. The link to our request for estimate form is found on the right sidebar of our site, or by simply clicking here. Click through to our site to see drop-off locations.

We look forward to saving your favorite clothes for you!

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It’s Not Magic. We Swear.

Yes we can match patterns!

It’s an art. Just not a dark art.

So, solid or not, send us your cashmere, knits, woolens, merino, shetland, worsteds and we will restore the integrity of your sweaters, suits, trousers, sports coats, outerwear, scarves, and what have you.

We bet you’ll still think it’s magic.

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Have You Checked Yet?

Formalwear season is upon us….

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Planning for the Season’s End

Just a quick reminder to dry clean your woolens and knitwear before putting it away for the warmer months. And, if you’re planning to store your garments in a cedar chest, don’t forget to give the wood a light sanding to reactivate the oils.

If you’ve got damage that needs reweaving, do it now so it’s ready to go when the mercury drops again! (May we humbly suggest Reweaving of Richmond?)

Happy (almost) Spring.

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It’s Time

While your Fall and Winter garments have rested, the moths and carpet beetles have been busy.

It’s Time:

  • Inspect your sweaters for the upcoming season;
  • Move the fall and winter weight wools, cashmeres, tweeds, and camel hair (you get the idea) into the active part of your closet;
  • Inspect your tuxedo –allow us time for the repair before that big event.

Fill out the Form and ship all affected garments to us now for a no-cost estimate.

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Wallet, Watch… Reweaving

It happens to the best of us. Your wallet wears a hole in your back pocket, or you catch your watch on your trouser pocket once too often. Moths aren’t responsible for all the damage we repair at Reweaving of Richmond! Take this, for example, our client pulled the tag off of the sleeve of this suit coat before the premiere outing, leaving two holes where the tightly sewn tag was attached.

No worries. We repair human mistakes, too!

Please remember that this is an art, and art takes time! Call today for updates and estimates.

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Sweater Weather and the Natural Enemy of Wool: Moths


What a lovely, cool, brisk, and bright day we’re having in Central Virginia. So lovely that I chose to wear one of my favorite sweaters for the first time this season.

Which is when I discovered one of two holes that the moths had made since last winter. Fortunately, Reweaving of Richmond will be able to make short work of making my sweater … errr … whole again.

Start the Fall and Winter off right, check for moth damage in your wool garments today and beat the holiday rush to have the best repairs possible made as quickly as humanly possible.

Call Reweaving of Richmond today! 804.928.7946, or email Larry.

Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook! Thanks.

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Heading Off Another Kind of Brexit!


A funny story for you. I purchased this sweater in Harrod’s in London in the late 1970’s after an all-night flight from New York. I don’t remember what the exact exchange rate was at the time, but it was about two US Dollars to the English Pound. The sweater was 250 English Pounds so I divided by two and I thought, “Great, what a bargain; only $125!” So I bought two. A month later when we got the Harrod’s bill, we discovered that each sweater had cost $500! So much for trusting your brain to do the higher math after not sleeping! It took us a few months to pay them off, but, as you can see, they were indeed a bargain!

Reweaving a piece of personal history is always special to us. What a great story and a good example of buying the best quality you can. After 40 + years, our client’s sweaters are still with him. We’re glad we could help save a little bit of London!

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